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Inspiring the next generation of Taiwanese physicians


Since 2000, the Medical Education Promotion Fund has sent three to five outstanding Taiwanese medical students annually to Duke University School of Medicine for clinical clerkships. The medical students elect to do either two or three month-long rotations in the clinical specialties of their choice. During their clerkship, they are immersed in a rigorous learning environment, exposed to dynamic teaching methods, and integrated into the model of collaborative care and service at Duke.

Our desire is to see medical students return to Taiwan inspired to broaden their horizons, hone their clinical skills, and shape the future of medical education. We also hope that students come away with friendships that develop into lifelong learning partnerships in their careers. 

In 2013, the Medical Education Promotion Fund published Eight Lessons from Duke University School of Medicine. Past scholars contributed this collection of valuable lessons learned during their time at Duke, with topics ranging from enthusiasm, understanding, perseverance, and comprehensiveness to vision, cooperation, commitment, and hope.

"I knew that I was there to learn, so I had to get over my insecurities about not knowing so that I could focus on learning. And the learning was everywhere — on every single shift, I learned from great clinicians not just about diagnosis and treatment but also how to approach patients with different backgrounds and different chief complaints. [I was] incredibly fortunate to have learned from many amazingly skillful and compassionate residents and attending physicians along the way."

Yuri Kawashima
2017 Duke Scholar

Duke 2017.png


In 2010, the Medical Education Promotion Fund extended the Duke clinical training program to also sponsor residency training in Internal Medicine and General Surgery. Following an internship year at the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, selected residents are sent to Duke to complete a 5-year clinical training program:

  • Internal Medicine: 3-year residency + 2-year specialty fellowship

  • General Surgery: 5-year residency 

After returning to Taiwan, these Duke-trained physicians join the staff and clinical teaching team at the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center. Our hope is to cultivate a next generation of physicians who can demonstrate and teach exceptional critical thinking and clinical skills alongside strong humanistic qualities and dedication to the medical profession.

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