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Dr. Andrew T. Huang was born in Taipei and received his medical degree from National Taiwan University College of Medicine in 1964. He subsequently pursued postgraduate training at the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University. He joined the faculty at Duke University School of Medicine in 1971. During these formative years, Dr. Huang had the opportunity to work closely with many distinguished clinical professors and researchers who deeply influenced his approach to medical education and patient care. He started the innovative multi-disciplinary, patient-centered care model at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1976 and later became its clinical director. Dr. Huang was appointed a full Professor of Medicine in the Department of Hematologic Malignancies and Cellular Therapy at Duke in 1983.

Dr. Huang returned to Taipei at the end of 1989 with the vision to transform health care in Taiwan. He recognized the need to invest in Taiwan’s existing medical education system in order to achieve the best and most comprehensive health care delivery to the Taiwanese people. In October 1998, he founded the Andrew T. Huang Medical Education Promotion Fund with a mission of 1) cultivating excellent physicians and 2) promoting quality improvement in health care systems. Since then, the Medical Education Promotion Fund has contributed toward numerous initiatives, including funding conferences, research, book publication, and study-abroad scholarships.

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